artistry, Honesty, Healing, Action!

As an organization of African American artists, our purpose is to use the art inspired by our lived experiences to engage people in transformative conversations and activities that heal the breach and create mutual understanding.

AHHA! Board of Directors

– Beverly Tipton Hammond, Chair
– Kennedy Simpson, Vice Chair
– James Stewart, Secretary
– Jackie Reis, Treasurer
– Kevin Donovan
– A. Drew Hammond
– Donald Walker

White Washed | Kenndy Simpson

Our Vision

Our vision is to bridge the widening racial gulf between cities and suburbs. More specifically we seek to build bridges of honest dialogue, mutual understanding and collaborative activism between People of Color of Minneapolis/ St Paul and the White residents of locales such as Woodbury, White Bear Lake, Prior Lake, Edina, Minnetonka and Hopkins.

Beverly Hammond

Golden Thyme Cafe

Golden Thyme on Selby is proud to serve the most decadent and smooth coffee to the residents of the St. Paul, Minnesota area. It’s a great place to enjoy great coffee and art from local artists!

A Word From Historian

James Brewer Stewart PhD

I’m a nationally recognized American historian because the many books I’ve published, the PBS documentaries I’ve co- produced, the speeches I’ve delivered all over the United States and Great Britain, my work with Historically Black Colleges and Universities and my YouTube antiracism lecture series Jim Stewart’s Historical Tonic for Fragile White Folks.

Bridging Dialogue

My contribution AHHA involves leading group discussions of AHHA! artwork. Why? Because what white people encounter in AHHA! exhibitions is a rare window of opportunity, which is—— To visualize document and embrace much more deeply than before how Black Americans understand the whys, hows and wherefores of their struggle for racial justice. And all that, of course, is all tangled up in the consequences 400 years of American history, my lifetime field of study.